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Refocus | Rebuild | Re-engage

60 Days. It’s been 60 days since the terms ‘lockdown’, ‘self-isolation’, ‘social distancing’ and ‘unprecedented times’ became a part of our daily language. And it’s not over yet. In New Zealand we are starting to get back to work. But in an environment that is going to keep us guessing for some time to come.

I have been supporting businesses navigate through this turbulence, as they make brave and hard decisions every day. Values have shone through and will continue to do so through this next phase. So, what next?


No business has gone untouched. You have undoubtably made changes, big and small, possibly even started a ‘declutter’ of your business. Refocusing on your core, rethinking what is relevant to the new business landscape.

  • Consider if your personal or business purpose changed.

  • Re-align or revive your business strategy, practices and policies, including where and how do you work.

  • If you have changed parts of your business temporarily, think about what you want to bring back into your daily operation in a different way.


Once you have regained a touch of focus, it’s time to shift your thinking to rebuild – business, customer and people activities alike.

  • Consider if your organisational design is fit for your (new) purpose – including your customer and people journey.

  • Fill the training or resource gaps you have discovered – technology, customer service, or communication for example.

  • Create a more hybrid capability in your workforce to become more adaptable to a more turbulent environment.


You and your team are going through a global event that no one has experienced before. How is everyone coping personally and maintaining a productivity? Chances are high, that it is with some difficulty.

  • Be human, and talk about where you are as individuals, families and as a team.

  • Go that extra mile to think about your team wellbeing. Fruit bowls are not going to cut it now!

  • Refresh your work practices to increase engagement – more communication, flexibility, and creativity?

We have a challenge ahead of us, but one I believe we can embrace and get through with stronger businesses, teams and people - together.

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